ON the 19th of June, 1869, a Convention of Commerce and Navigation was duly entered into by      His Excellency C. de Varigny, Article Minister Plenipotentiary, on behalf of His Hawaiian      Majesty, and M. le Comte de Stackelberg, Russian Embassador in Paris, duly authorized to      negotiate in the premises; which said Convention has been duly ratified, and the ratification      exchanged, on the 1st of December, 1869, and is, word for word, as follows:

     ARTICLE I.     There shall be a reciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation between Russia and the Hawaiian Kingdom.

     ARTICLE II.     The subjects of His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, and the subjects of His Majesty the King of the Hawaiian Islands, shall be treated reciprocally on the footing of the most favored nation.

     ARTICLE III.     It is understood, however, that the preceding stipulations do not interfere in any way with the laws, ordinances, and special regulations in matters of commerce, industry and police, that are in force in each of the countries, and that are applicable to all foreigners.

     ARTICLE IV.     Each of the two contracting parties shall have the power to constitute Consuls General and Consular Agents, in the cities and ports of the States and possessions of the other, which are opened to foreign commerce. The Consuls General and Consular Agents shall not, however, enter upon their functions, except after having been approved of, and duly admitted by the Government near which they are accredited. They shall exercise their functions, and shall enjoy all the privileges, exemptions and immunities belonging to, or that may be granted to, the Consuls of the most favorite nation. In case they should be engaged in trade, they shall not be entitled to the immunities granted to "Consuls Functionnaries."

     ARTICLE V.     In case a Russian vessel should be wrecked on the coasts of the Hawaiian Kingdom, or an Hawaiian vessel on the coasts of Russia, the local authorities shall give aid and assistance for the salvage of the cargo, and for its restitution to its owners.

     ARTICLE VI.     The present Convention of Commerce and Navigation shall remain in force during ten years from the date of the signature and Act. It may be renewed at the expiration of the term of ten years.

     ARTICLE VII.     The stipulations contained in the present Act, drawn in duplicate in the English and in the French languages, shall obtain the confirmation of the respective Governments, and the declarations to that effect, executed in the usual form, shall be exchanged in Paris, within six months, or sooner, if possible.

 Paris, 19th June, 1869.

[L. S.]                                        C. DE VARIGNY.

[L. S.]                                        CTE. E. DE STACKELBERG.


All persons are hereby notified that the said Convention is to be regarded, in all its provisions, as part of the public law of the Kingdom, and respected accordingly.