CONVENTION, concluded between the King of Sandwich, Tamaeamea, and Post Captain Laplace, Commander of the French frigate L’Artemise, in the name of his Government:

ARTICLE I. There shall he perpetual peace and friendship between the King of the French and the King of Sandwich.

ARTICLE II. The French shall be protected in an efficient manner, in their persons and their properties, by the King of Sandwich, who shall grant them the authorization necessary, that they may pursue juridically His subjects against whom they may have just reclamations to make.

ARTICLE III. This protection shall extend to French vessels, their crews and their officers. In case of shipwreck, the Chiefs and inhabitants of the different districts (parties) of the Archipelago shall bring them assistance, and guarantee them from pillage. The compensation for salvage shall be regulated, in case of difficulties, by arbiters, nominated by the two parties.

ARTICLE IV. No Frenchmen, accused of any crime whatever, shall be judged otherwise than by a jury, composed of foreign residents, proposed by the Consul of France, and accepted by the Government of the Sandwich Islands.

ARTICLE V. The desertion of French sailors from French vessels shall be severely repressed by the local authorities, who shall employ all the means at their disposal to cause the arrest of the deserters, and the expense of capture shall be paid by the captains or owners of said vessels, according to the tariff adopted by other nations.

ARTICLE VI. French merchandise, or known to be of French procedure * (provenance), and especially wines and brandies, shall not be prohibited, nor pay a higher duty than five per cent. ad valorem. * (Sic)

ARTICLE VII. No duty of tonnage or importation shall he exacted of French merchandise, unless it be paid by the subjects of the nation most favored, in its commerce with the Sandwich Island.

ARTICLE VIII. The subjects of King Tameamea shall have the right in French possessions to all advantages which the French enjoy in the Sandwich Islands – and they shall in other respects be considered as belonging to the nation most favored in its relations with France.

Done and sign between the contracting parties, the 17th July 1839.