It being desirable that a general convention should be substituted for the various instruments of      mutual agreement at present existing between Great Britain and the Sandwich Islands, the      following articles have, for that purpose and to that intent, been mutually agreed upon and signed      between the Governments of Great Britain and the Sandwich Islands, and it has been      determined that any other Treaty or Conventional Agreement, now existing between the      respective parties, shall be henceforward abrogated and considered null and of no effect:

     ARITCLE I.      There shall be perpetual peace and amity between Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the King of the Sandwich Islands, their heirs and successors.

     ARITCLE II.      The subjects of Her Britannic Majesty residing within the dominions of the King of the Sandwich Islands, shall enjoy the same protection in regard to their civil rights as well as to their persons and properties, as native subjects; and the King of the Sandwich Islands engages to giant to British subjects the same rights and privileges which now are, or hereafter may be, granted to or enjoyed by any other foreigners, subjects of the most favored nation.

     ARITCLE III.      No British subject accused of any crime whatever shall be judged otherwise than by a jury composed of native or foreign residents, proposed the British Consul and accepted by the Government of the Sandwich Islands.

     ARITCLE IV.     The protection of the King of the Sandwich Islands shall be extended to all British vessels, their officers and crews. In case of shipwreck, the chiefs and inhabitants of the different parts of the Sandwich Islands shall succour them and secure them from plunder. The salvage dues shall be regulated, in case of dispute, by arbitrators chosen by both parties

     ARITCLE V.      The desertion of seamen embarked on board of British vessels shall be severely repressed by the local authorities; who shall employ all the means at their disposal to arrest deserters; and all reasonable expenses of capture shall be defrayed by the captains and owners of the said vessels.

     ARITCLE VI.      British merchandise or goods recognized as coming from the British dominions, shall not be prohibited, nor shall they be subject to an import duty higher than five per cent ad valorem. Wines, brandies, and other spirituous liquors are however excepted from the stipulation, and shall he liable to such reasonable duty as the Hawaiian Government may think; fit to lay upon them, provided always that the amount of duty shall not be so high as absolutely to prohibit the importation of the said articles.

     ARITCLE VII.      No tonnage, import or other duties shall be levied on British vessels, or goods imported in British vessel, beyond what are levied on vessels or goods of the most favored nation.

     ARITCLE VIII.     The subjects of the King of the Sandwich Islands shall, in their commercial or other relations with Great Britain, be treated on the footing of the most favored nation.

      Done at Honolulu the 26th of March, 1846.