Is Hawai`i under Belligerent Occupation?

      There are many in the Hawaiian community that claim Hawai`i is and has been under some kind of belligerent occupation since January 17th, 1893.

      History and legal authorities show otherwise as follows:

     After the troops of the United States of America landed on false pretences and where the United States flag was not raise over the Kingdom of Hawai`i until about two weeks later. The United States flag and troop occupation lasted till April 1st, 1893, the troops were withdrawn and the flag of the United States of America lowered...and the flag of the Kingdom of Hawai`i raised again, therefore officially ending the occupation on the part of the United States of America nor was America ever officially at war with the lawful government of the Hawaiian Islands.

     Yet the usurping Provisional Government refused relinquish power.

      Therefore, Hawai`i today is not under any belligerent occupations (see Military Occupation and Laws of War) as some tend to preach and promote their unfounded theory. Hawai`i has usurpers in control of the government today until the rightful government is reinstated.